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Home-Decor | Ivy Ong-Wood 12 Aug 2021

What do you do when your project is next to a hillside and surrounded by lush greenery? Why, build a tree house, of course. New World, which is famous for building artisanal homes inspired by their surroundings, chose an innovative treehouse concept for its latest residential project.

The 24-story Timber House is the result of a collaboration between New World's chief executive, Adrian Cheng Chi-kong, and its construction team, and award-winning Hong Kong design house AGC Design, Adrian L Norman and NC Design & Architecture.

Nestled in a quiet alley of Yau Moon Street in Ho Man Tin, adjacent to bustling Waterloo Road, the single-block project takes its cue from its tranquil surroundings and natural hilly terrain.

The team incorporated unusual forest and treehouse elements throughout the overall design of the residence, with the aim of building a tranquil forest residence in the midst of a bustling downtown area.

To highlight the main design concept of "Curiosity with Nature," the retaining wall is covered with climbing plants as a background, and an eight-meter tall evergreen autumn maple stands next to the Nordic-style glass treehouse at the main entrance.

The wooden wall at the lobby entrance creates a sense of forest living that contrasts with the adjacent main road just a few steps away.

Along the glass facade, a vertical garden has been planted and gardens on each floor are filled with native greenery. Small shrubs have also been planted on every four floors, allowing residents and passersby to be enveloped in greenery.

Continuing the nature theme, all the public spaces have been painted in a palette of greens and grays, highlighted with matte copper.

Given Cheng's love for the arts, it wouldn't be a New World project without any artwork. Taking pride of place in the lobby is Blue Pond 2 by mainland artist Lu Song. The painting, with its different shades of green and rich layers of texture, fits right in with the nature theme.

In the lift, an infinity ladder gives a suggestion of climbing up to a treehouse. Making the most of this feeling, the rooftop garden, which overlooks the West Kowloon skyline, is planted with unique species of vegetation, such as shameplants, snapdragons and balloonplant.

An urban farm box filled with herbs and various edible plants has also been placed in the rooftop garden so residents can enjoy an exclusive farm-to-table experience at any time.

One big selling point is the Treehouse Club, a 4,360 sq ft residential clubhouse that is designed with a flexible configuration, including movable bifolding doors and partitions to accommodate residents' requirements for different occasions.

It also features state-of-the-art facilities such as the signature Timber Lounge, a well-equipped gym and a banquet hall.

Families will especially love the spacious indoor Adventure Playland, furnished line with the property's design concept.

Freestanding treehouses and a series of recreational facilities enable children to freely explore and experience the play area and cultivate an adventurous spirit from an early age. A comfortable reading corner is also provided to nurture an interest in reading.

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