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Home-Decor | Ivy Ong-Wood 17 Jun 2021

When it comes to sustainability, Nike appears to be true to its motto: "Just Do It." Last week, it unveiled a community basketball court made of recycled sneakers on the rooftop of a Kwai Chung building.

The surface of the Shek Lei Grind Court on the roof of Shek Lei Shopping Centre Phase I is covered in Nike Grind, made from 20,000 pairs of used sneakers. For added interest, renowned illustrator and toy designer James Jarvis decorated the surface with colorful sphere characters playing basketball.

Nike Grind materials are palettes of recycled and regenerated materials composed of plastic, rubber, foam, fiber, leather and more.

Its story began in 1992 during a grassroots initiative to repurpose old shoes. Over the decades, it has developed into a global sustainability program, with over 32 million pairs of shoes having been recycled and repurposed to date.

The Shek Lei Grind Court was created in collaboration with People's Place by Gaw Capital Partners. Many of its projects focus on the revitalization of community shopping centers and sports grounds with refurbishments that both embrace the local vibe and foster a sense of belonging within the neighborhood.

Shek Lei Estate was chosen because of its humble neighborhood surrounded by more than 10 primary and secondary schools. Within the grassroots community, children may have limited access to a healthy, sporty lifestyle as there is little leisure area and living space is extremely packed. The side-by-side kids and standard basketball courts will serve as an accessible sports community hub for the underprivileged kids and families.

The court opens to the public on June 25. To kickstart the project, Nike is partnering with InspiringHK Sports Foundation, a local charity that aims to promote social mobility and inclusion through kids and youth engagement in sports.

"Shek Lei Grind Court highlights how we can leverage Nike Grind to turn waste into new opportunities for athletes to make sport a daily habit," said Nike's chief sustainability officer Noel Kinder.

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