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Home-Decor | Ivy Ong-Wood 10 Jun 2021

One thing visitors to Japan often rave about are the state-of-the-art toilets that do almost everything but wipe your bottom for you. Not only do these toilets provide warm water for washing and automatic antibacterial and deodorizing capabilities, they also offer a range of cleaning options, such as female-specific nozzles and hot air-drying functions.

Some are so enamored by these smart toilets that they want to continue this washroom love affair by installing a similar setup in their own homes.

But installing a smart toilet is not as easy as simply buying one and plonking it in the washroom. Firstly, it can be very costly, and there are a lot of things to consider, such as sewage, freshwater pipes and power supply restrictions. In addition, local plumbers are often unfamiliar with the installation of these advanced smart toilets.

One way around this is to buy just a smart seat instead of the whole toilet, which can cost over HK$10,000. Japanese century-old sanitaryware brand Inax, which launched the first home-use smart toilet Sanitarian 61 in 1967, shares three things to consider before buying a smart toilet seat:

Shape of the bowl. There are three major toilet seat shapes: round-shaped, U-shaped and square-shaped. Before replacing the toilet board, you should first ensure that the smart toilet seat matches your current toilet bowl.

Size of the toilet. Measure the size of your current toilet so that you can tell if the size of your desired seat fits.

Power and freshwater equipment. Since smart toilet seats require electricity to operate and fresh water to clean, it is imperative to have independent power outlets and freshwater supply valves close to the toilet bowl in the washroom.

Apart from smart toilets, Inax also offers a range of affordable e-bidets, the newest being the X-treme (HK$3,980). Not only does the X-treme e-bidet feature cutting-edge Japanese technology such as detachable self-cleaning dual nozzles and hot air dryer, it is also designed to fit seamlessly with the most common U-shaped toilets in Hong Kong households.

It has also obtained international certification from the Japanese Antibacterial Products Association proving that it can effectively inhibit the growth of E coli and staphylococcus aureus.

Website: www.inax.com.hk


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