Been there, done that, got the mug

Home-Decor | Ivy Ong-Wood 10 Jun 2021

When the going gets tough, the tough have two choices: laugh or cry. Claire Yates, founder of Lion Rock Press, certainly knows which one she'd rather do. To mark surviving the Covid-19 pandemic, Yates has brought out a few commemorative items that are sure to bring a smile to many faces.

She said: "I've thought long and hard about this project. It hasn't been an easy process, and it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but for me personally, it has been a way of working through and trying to make sense of a period that has transformed our lives. I wanted to create something with a lasting legacy, something physical to own which can serve as a testament to all that we've endured, all that we've shared, and all that we've learned along the way."

Whether surviving home schooling, lockdown, quarantine, Zoom meetings, social distancing, mandatory testing or online teaching, choose a mug (HK$150) that best encapsulates your time.

Said Yates: "I can imagine my grandchildren getting these mugs out of a dusty box and marvelling at seeing a souvenir from the pandemic. If she'd had the chance, my grandma would have had one saying 'I survived The Blitz' or "Rationing is NOT my cup of tea.' "

To help with lockdowns, there is a collector's edition 1,000 piece double-sided jigsaw puzzle (HK$280), commemorating the sights, sounds and the often complex feelings of the pandemic through the brand's signature Hong Kong lens. Working together to complete the jigsaw, families can reflect and discuss the effect of the pandemic.


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