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Home Dėcor | Ivy Ong-Wood 22 Aug 2019

The much-awaited ikea catalogue is here and this time, the focus is making a house a home. "It's a subtle shift but one that makes all the difference: going from simply being at home to feeling at home," the team wrote in the editorial.

"Each year, we conduct in depth interviews and home visits with people all around the globe to create our Life at Home report. Through our research, we discovered that a third of people say that there are places where they feel more at home than the space they actually live in.

"For the 2020 catalogue, we were inspired to create homes that show situations and design solutions that help illustrate five emotional needs: belonging, ownership, security, comfort and privacy."

As good quality sleep is an important aspect of feeling good, the Swedish brand has made it a key theme of its new catalogue. Inside, there are pages upon pages of items which will help you get cozy - from curtains and blinds to mattresses, quilts, pillows and rugs.

And then there is the most important item of all: the bed. Two new bed-frames are highlighted: the sturdy gray metal Slattum (HK$1,490) and the storage-friendly Slakt (HK$2,990).

Life at home varies in different parts of the world, so to make the solutions resonate with as many people as possible, designers from different countries have worked to co-create one of the homes featured in the catalogue - all based on the same floor plan.

The Asian home has been designed to cater for a family of four with grandma bunking in with the eldest child.

In addition to new products, the catalogue also features the Ombyte limited series of easily packed and disassembled products that make moving house effortless and fun. "We know that the process of moving is not easy. Whether you're moving across the home, across the street or across the town, with Ombyte, we wanted to make moving practical, but also fun by adding colors, patterns and expressions to moving essentials," said creative leader James Futcher.

"You can move with Ombyte products, but also show your identity off and use it in your home to display who you are."

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