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Home-Decor | Ivy Ong-Wood 16 May 2019

Most works of art are made to be admired from afar but Ikea's is meant to be trampled underfoot. Since 2014, the Swedish company has been working with artists from around the world to create art to enliven the home.

This year, the Ikea Art Event introduces a short-term collection that mashes up tapestry art, rug handicraft, avant-garde fashion, street culture and modern design.

The eight rugs designed by leading creative minds are on display at a free pop-up exhibition at PMQ in Central from now until May 20.

"Art should be something accessible and affordable to the many people around the world," said Henrik Most, creative director of Ikea Art Event. "We create an Ikea art collection simply because we believe in democratic art. Some people have a preconception that art is about oil paintings or a sculpture. But why can't we take art and apply that to a rug? That's what Ikea Art Event 2019 is all about."

As the artists come from all over the world, the cultures which inspire them are reflected in their artwork.

US artist duo Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao - or Chiaozza - were inspired by springtime in the deserts of the American southwest.

They said: "The color blocks, squiggles, daubs and dots of this rug invite people of all ages to sprawl out, daydream and get lost discovering little moments of play and tactility."

Also inspired by American traditions is Brooklyn-based artist Noah Lyon. He said his rug "depicts the whirlwind of interconnected life as our world tumbles through the universe. It is inspired by the Navajo whirling log, of the soul-searching journey of a Navajo individual, who, having been inspired by the whirlpools and rescued by deities, revealed the mystery of nature to his people."

Not all of the artwork aim to be that profound.

Japanese artist Misaki Kawai, whose installations are made out of papier-mache, wood, fabric and craft materials such as felt and yarn, believes that art is about having fun.

"I'm inspired by funny stuff, goofy stuff and hairy stuff - that's why I loved doing this rug: it's a very hairy object," she said. "It turned out great, it's comfortable and has amazing colors. It's fantastic that so many people will be able to enjoy it. Go ahead, please pat the big cats!"

Those looking to own one of the pieces will have to register for a raffle on between 10am on May 20 and 5pm on May 21.

If successful, they can go to Ikea stores on May 25 and 26 to place their order. Prices start from HK$1,490.

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