Hyperlink Immigration Consulting Limited shares tips for investment and immigration to Turkey

money-glitz | 23 Sep 2019

The surging popularity of Turkey for its relatively low property price and robust growth potential is reflected in a huge turnout for an event at the Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong on September 7, as attendees gathering handy information and making further inquiries. The one on one consultation section held after seminar soared in popularity with keen investor looking for opportunities on this new immigration and investment hotspot.

Organized by Hyperlink Immigration Consulting Limited, the event is supported by the Turkish Ministry of Interior and Investment Office. This event also features a host of Turkish experts including Merve Yilmazcan, commercial attaché of the Hong Kong Turkish Consulate General; Emre Buyukkilic, a representative from Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey; representatives from Turkish Airlines and from Chinese Turkish Economic and Cultural Exchange Association; and many more, as they provided the latest information and shared views on the attractions of Turkey for both residence and investment.

Merve Yilmazcan, commercial attaché of the Hong Kong Turkish Consulate General, started the ball rolling by sharing the cultural background, living environment and economic development of this fascinating nation. “Turkey does not only bridge Europe and Asia, but it also a cornerstone in connecting the markets of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa,” she highlights. She also accounts for the reason that Turkey becomes one of the countries that have the most vigorous economic development.

Emre Buyukkilic, a representative from the Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey, shared his perspectives on the investment environment, market overview, investment opportunities and policies of Turkey. He points out that because of its individual threshold requirements and friendly business environment, Turkey would be very appealing to Hongkongers.

Panda Chow, Director of Overseas Immigration Department of Hyperlink, disclosed the job opportunities, business environment, transport medical care, education facilities and many other aspects of Turkey to the attendees. “Under the Turkish citizenship acquisition by investment program, Hongkongers can be granted Turkish citizenship at ease with just 40 working days whilst abode is not required. Therefore, Turkey is now a top choice for a bounty of investors,” she stresses. She also shared about her trip to Turkey which was invited by the Turkey government. She enthused over the scenic splendor in this technology forward country.

Under the Turkish citizenship acquisition by investment program, Turkish citizenship can be granted by making a minimum amount of property investment of USD 250,000. Meanwhile, a short investment period as properties can be sold after 3 years. Turkey recognizes dual citizenships, whilst there are no requirements on wealth declaration, income tax, asset tax, residence, language or academic level. Investors with Turkish passports can open bank accounts in Hong Kong.

Not forgetting about children, children of immigrant investors can be enrolled at international schools for studies. For those who travel frequently, visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival is available to over 117 countries including Singapore, Japan, South Korea. Turkey citizen can also apply for a U.S. E2 visa and enjoy the same benefits as a U.S. Green Card Holder. For more, they are entitled to apply for a permanent stay and commence business in the UK.

In line with the Company’s philosophy of ‘Integrity, Professionalism, and Efficiency’, Hyperlink Immigration Consulting Limited is dedicated to providing unrivaled immigration consultancy service to each client and promoting the Turkish citizenship by investment program to potential clients in Hong Kong, supported by Turkish Ministry of Interior and Investment Office.


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