Singing a song of love in Hong Kong

| Terence Chang 12 Dec 2019

Victor Enriquez is a language teacher and a musician.

He gave himself a Chinese name - Li Ronghao, the same name as the popular singer.

It's a good name for him, he said, because he likes singing and likes Li Ronghao's songs.

He came from the US to study in Hong Kong in 2009.

When he first arrived, he couldn't speak Cantonese or Putonghua, and knew only English and Spanish.

Within two years, he picked up Putonghua and Cantonese, as well as written Chinese.

He has also obtained a certificate to teach English as a second language.

His father is American and his mother is Mexican.

He said he has inherited the best traits from them, so he is passionate and loves talking and singing.

After completing his international relations program on a scholarship, Enriquez did not return to the US.

Instead, he chose to teach English in Shenzhen.

He told me he used to take life easy in the US.

But here, he studies hard and works hard because his classmates all take studying very seriously.

"I take teaching English very seriously, and my students take learning very seriously," he said.

He adds that when he started working in the mainland, he found that this was even more so.

And when he met his "true love," he had no choice but to be serious.

It took him five months to convince her.

I asked Enriquez if he had read Han Suyin's novel A Many-Splendored Thing.

He said even his parents' generation might not have read it or seen the movie based on it.

But he likes the title, noting that his love story wasn't all smooth at the start, and that his happy ending didn't come easy.

He plays in a band with his friends in his spare time.

"We go out and perform occasionally, and we are quite popular," he said.

He said his wife is his boss.

She works in the media business, doing voice over and special effects for movies.

The couple are both dog lovers.

One time, they rescued six sick puppies from the street, took them to the vet and ended up keeping three of them.

"So we are in fact a family of five," he said.

I asked Enriquez if he will ever go back to the US.

He laughed and told me he loves his life here, and that Hong Kong is his home.

Terence Cheng Cheuk-cheung is the retired headmaster of Diocesan Boys School

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