(Climate pact) Fears for Maine lobster industry

Friday, June 02, 2017

Tim Pettis, a Maine lobsterman, said he has felt the effects of climate change in the waters he works in, and wishes President Donald Trump could feel the same. 

"I think most people believe that the climate is changing over the years,'' Pettis said as he stood in front of stacks of yellow lobster traps. We can all see it, just because he doesn't want to believe it, he shouldn't be able to pull the whole country out on his own but he is the president so I guess you can.'' 

Pettis said he and his fellow workers in the far north have been beneficiaries from the changes so far, because there are fewer lobsters further south in places like New York and Connecticut. 

"As the water keeps warming up, the numbers keep going down from the south up to us,'' Pettis said. "The last three or four years we've been doing better lobstering and I think it does have to do with that.'' 

"Some of the fish are disappearing,'' Pettis said. "We're catching fish now in our traps that are southern fish; it just tells you that the water is warming up every year a little bit.''-AP