Cop's behavior at HQ out of line, but not violent says Jeremy Tam

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Lawmaker Jeremy Tam Man-ho who was at the protest site yesterday during a much-talked about incident involving a policeman, said the behavior was inappropriate and strange, but said he did not see anything to say the man was trying to incite violence, RTHK reports.

The footage of the man running into the police headquarters from among the thousands who had surrounded the building and being confronted by two lawmakers – Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu and Tam – before he was let into the station by his colleagues has been circulating on social media widely.

The protest lasted for hours and at several points things got tense before ending without any major incident. But the footage of this incident was posted by several protesters, who claimed that the person was trying to incite violence.

The police issued a statement denying allegations and said he was just an officer who was reporting to work when he was interrupted by the protesters.

Recalling the event, Tam said he was surprised when the man told him that he was a policeman and he was just coming in to work.

"I think it is quite weird. At that time, I think it was about 11pm or around midnight time and he claimed that he was coming for work," he said.

"I found that excuse extremely unbelievable, I have to say.

"I also told him that there was a fire escape door next to where he was cornered. And he refused to ask his colleagues to open that door. Instead he went all the way to other side to open up a major gate. Why would you want to do that unless you want to grab more attention? That was absolutely unnecessary," Tam said.

The lawmaker clarified that he didn't see the policeman trying to incite the crowd into violence.

Tam also said he also found it strange that only one officer was starting work at that time as a shift would mean more than one person coming in.

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung Kin-chung also referred to the incident and said the policeman had been blocked and chased by some protesters.

He said police are exercising an extreme level of tolerance in face of challenges. But Cheung also warned that there will be zero tolerance for any illegal and violent acts.-Photo: RTHK