Lee Ka-chiu tells protesters freedom has limits

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Secretary for Security, John Lee Ka-chiu, has warned protesters that freedom of expression has a limit and urged them to express their views in a peaceful and rational manner, adding that police have been tolerant.

Speaking to reporters this afternoon after anti-extradition law amendment protesters surrounded the Police Headquarters in Wan Chai, again, from yesterday evening until early this morning, Lee said some protesters committed harmful acts including shining laser lights and strong lights at police. They also blocked entrances.

Lee also said protesters had vandalized the police complex.

Police commissioner, Stephen Lo Wai-chung, also condemned the protesters for "violently" surrounding the Police HQ and warned there will be consequences.

Lo also said police pulling out from duty at public hospitals is a temporary measure and they will meet with the Hospital Authority tomorrow.

He urged people not to vent anger against police, saying they will do their best to serve the public.