Protesters demand to see Teresa Cheng

Thursday, June 27, 2019

About a hundred people gathered today at an entrance to Justice Place – where the Department of Justice offices are located – on Lower Albert Road kicking off a noisy protest as part of continued agitation against the extradition bill, RTHK reports.

The protesters were demanding that Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah come out and meet them. They also wanted the government to drop the now-suspended bill.

"The incidents on June 12 the police have categorized it as a riot. But most of the protesters wouldn't agree with that decision. So we are trying to get her [Cheng] to clarify the wording on the events that happened on that day", said one protester, who didn't divulge his name.

Demosisto leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung and some of his party members were also among the protesters.

Wong said earlier that he had joined the action following a call for the protest on social media.

He said he expects more events like this to be initiated by protest groups as G20 leaders gather in Japan over the weekend.

As the number of protesters increased, some of them spilled on to the road, slowing down the traffic. But soon students started directing traffic as police officers stayed away.

Lawmaker Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung urged the media how the young protesters are facilitating the traffic even as police just stood watching.

The protesters are demanding the Department of Justice withdraw the extradition bill, not to prosecute protesters, to stop labeling the June 12 protests as a riot, and to set up independent enquiry to probe police action on that day.