Ray Wong, Alan Li being pursued through Interpol, Lee Ka-chiu says

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The police have again asked the German police to provide information through Interpol on Ray Wong Toi-yeung and Alan Li Tung-sing, who have been accused of jumping bail, the Secretary for Security, John Lee Ka-chiu said today.

They both revealed in May that they had been granted refugee status in Germany.

Lee declined to give details of investigation and pursuit of the bail jumpers.

Since the arrest warrant was issued by court when they did not appear before the court in December 2017, the police have been following up to locate their whereabouts, including making enquiries with the law enforcement agencies of multiple related countries through Interpol, Lee said.

Besides, the police and the Department of Justice are studying the case and will follow up, he said.

“The police will continue to, by all possible means, pursue the two absconders who have jumped court bail against whom arrest warrants have been issued,'' Lee said.

Lee said the two absconders were charged with serious charges, including "riot" and "assaulting police officer", in relation to the Mong Kok riot.

They were scheduled to appear before the High Court on December 9, 2017 for a pre-trial review, but they did not attend the hearing and jumped court bail. The court issued an arrest warrant on the day, requesting the police to track them down and apprehend them, Lee said.