Government running for cover, pro-democracy legislators say

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pro-democracy lawmakers accused the Carrie Lam administration of running away from people after more scheduled events were canceled, amid accusations that top officials are avoiding the public and the government is paralyzed, RTHK reports. 
But some officials denied the claims. Executive Councillor Lam Ching-choi said the lack of a pressing agenda led to the cancelation of the advisory body's meeting. 
After canceling the Exco meeting for the second consecutive week overnight on Monday, officials said today that a public forum on proposed guidelines about November's District Council election has been canceled – hours before its start. 
The decision came after some calls surfaced on the internet, urging people to attend and voice their opinions. 
Pro-democracy lawmakers blasted the government, saying officials are running away instead of coming out to face the public and address their demands. 
Civic Party leader Alvin Yeung said this is highly irresponsible and a sign of government cowardice.
"When the government claims they want to connect with Hong Kong people, this is blatantly a disconnection with Hong Kong people," he said.
Pan-democratic camp's convener Claudia Mo Man-ching said the paralysis of the government is self-induced.
Mo said the government is so nervous about the slightest provocation. "This government is become a joke for the Hong Kong community and the international community," she said.
Lawmaker Au Nok-hin said cancelling events like public forum on district council election does not make the conflict go away. 
"The conflict is still in the society about the extradition bill," he said. The government should face up to the conflict ... and not hiding from the scene," he said. 
But Development Secretary Michael Wong rebuffed such allegations, pointing out that the development panel met today. 
"Many normal events in society are still happening. It's true that the social atmosphere right now is quite tense, and we think that if there is a chance for the society to relax a bit, for everyone to calm down, then we can be pragmatic and do our job," he said.
Exco member Lam Ching-choi said Carrie Lam – who has not made a public appearance since last Tuesday – decided to cancel the weekly advisory meeting after considering the present circumstances and recent events. 
But Lam Ching-choi said he agreed with the CE's decision, saying that there is no pressing agenda in Exco now. But eh said all the members have also been in close contact with her.
He also urged the people to give the Chief Executive some space, saying she has been working hard to listen to people's views.