Carrie Lam loyalists plead for wiggle room

Monday, June 17, 2019

The convener of the Executive Council, Bernard Chan, appealed to the public today to give Chief Executive Carrie Lam “another chance,'' even as protesters insist she should step down, RTHK reports.
Chan said on an RTHK radio program that Lam has “lost everything she'd won” this time, but added he hoped people would give her credit for her contribution to Hong Kong in the past two years in areas such as labor, culture and technology.
Lam’s top adviser also said he believes the Chief Executive had learnt "a big lesson" and must be very sorry for causing such divisions in society, and that she would continue to apologize to show her sincerity.
Chan admitted the government had failed completely in terms of communicating with the public and helping them understand the extradition issue, adding Exco also did not do a good job in what he described as its “gatekeeping” role.
Last evening, the government issued a statement saying Lam was sorry for “causing disappointment and grief among the people,” as almost two million people took to the streets demanding that she withdraw the contentious extradition bill and resign.
Former Legco president, Tsang Yok-sing, also said he thinks Lam should stay on as Chief Executive.
He said it is wishful thinking someone who is more capable and trusted by the people would be appointed, should she step down.
The pro-establishment heavyweight also said it’s not for Lam to decide whether she should bow out, because only the central government can appoint or remove a Chief Executive.