Opposition cautions against softening tone of Carrie Lam loyalists

Friday, June 14, 2019

Pro-democracy lawmakers have warned that just because executive councillors appear to be softening their stance on the government's extradition bill, it does not necessarily mean the powers-that-be will listen to their advice, and it could just be a trick to defuse the current political turmoil, RTHK reports.
Exco convenor Bernard Chan told RTHK today that in light of the massive protests in recent days, there is no way Legco can debate the bill now. Exco member Ronny Tong, meanwhile, said he is not opposed to the idea of the bill being shelved.
But pro-democracy lawmakers said such comments could just be an attempt to placate the public. 
Civic Party leader Alvin Yeung said the only move the people of Hong Kong will accept at this point is for Chief Executive Carrie Lam to abandon the extradition law changes completely.
"Until Carrie Lam comes forward and makes it clear to the world that she is going to withdraw the bill, we cannot take any comments seriously," he said.