Lionsgate poised for summer opening of movie-themed park in Hengin

Friday, June 14, 2019

Lionsgate, the highly successful American company which has won 20 Oscars and 29 Emmy Awards since its establishment in 1997.

Lionsgate has offered six of its most successful global film franchises – The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, The Divergent Series, Now You See Me, Gods of Egypt, and Escape Plan, as the story backgrounds of the attractions.

Selena Magill, General Manager of Lionsgate Entertainment World, said she expects guests in China and around the world to enjoy the sensational experiences, to challenge themselves physically and mentally, and become the hero of their own stories.”

Visitors will be able to experience several attractions, including:

The Twilight Saga – Midnight Ride, the world’s first multiplayer interactive hyper-reality VR simulator experience where guests will be able to interact with friends and families, as they race alongside the werewolf and the Wolf Pack on a daring VR dirt-bike adventure through the moonlit woods.

Gods of Egypt – Battle for Eternity, the world’s first purpose-built indoor VR Roller Coaster which guests trek through the desert of ancient Egypt and soar over the pyramids in this epic adventure.

Hunger Games – Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape, a multiple motion-based cabin simulator experience that is Asia’s first attraction of its kind to offer multiple ride experiences within the one cabin.

Design and production agency, Thinkwell Group and Village Roadshow are bringing these captivating stories to life in partnership with Lionsgate. Village Roadshow is a leading theme park operator with footprint across Australia and America.