Pro-Beijing DAB warms to Carrie Lam's latest proposals

Monday, June 10, 2019

The pro-Beijing party, DAB, welcomed new offers made by the Chief Executive Carrie Lam on the controversial extradition law amendments, saying these would help Hong Kong people accept the bill, RTHK reports.
Referring to the massive protest rally, the party's chairwoman Starry Lee Wai-king said she respects views supporting and opposing the bill, and hope the government can communicate more with the public. 
"A great number of people have expressed their concern through yesterday's demonstration. I am also aware of the great number of people who showed their support of the bill," she said.
Lee said her party is glad that the Carrie Lam administration has taken up their suggestions. She said Lam's offer today to make rights safeguards binding as well as to make regular reports to the legislature, can help people accept the bill. 
The lawmaker said such reports to the Legco can help the public understand how the bill is implemented. She said these reports can be made to the council's security panel every six months or annually. 
Fellow lawmaker Gary Chan, meanwhile, condemned the violence outside the Legco last night. 
He also said there were some online posts by opponents of the bill which showed pictures of home-made spears, while security guards found things such as a screwdriver and hammer in the possession of some protesters. 
He urged the police to arrest those behind call sfor violence as soon as possible.