Japan nabs seven Chinese for smuggling 1 ton of amphetamines

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Japanese authorities have arrested seven Chinese men on suspicion of smuggling what was believed to be a record amount of stimulants by ship-to-ship transfers. 
Tokyo police said today seven Chinese men aged 24-40 were arrested this week on suspicion of illegally possessing "large amounts'' of stimulants on the Izu coast, west of Tokyo. 
NHK television said 35-year-old suspect Lin Jingsheng and six other men allegedly smuggled nearly 1 ton of amphetamines, a record one-time seizure in Japan made Monday estimated to be worth 60 billion yen (US$550 million). Police earlier found an unattended boat carrying drug-filled bags on the beach. 
The arrests were part of an ongoing investigation into an international drug ring following reports of suspicious ships spotted in the area. -AP