School girl killed in Tokyo mass stabbing, 13 children wounded

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

An elementary school girl is confirmed dead in a mass stabbing west of Tokyo. She and 15 others were attacked by a suspect who died from self-inflicted injury, Japanese broadcaster NHK reports.

A man swinging a knife attacked commuters waiting at a crowded bus stop just outside Tokyo during the morning rush hour, wounding at least 19 people, including 13 children, Japanese authorities said, AP reports. Media reports said that two people were killed, though the local fire department reported one death.

The victims were lined up at a bus stop near Noborito Park in Kawasaki City when the man attacked. NHK national television, quoting police, said the wounded were rushed to nearby hospitals, but one child and one adult were believed to have died. The station revised its earlier report of three deaths.

The station, citing police, said that a bus driver told officials that a man holding a knife in each hand walked toward the bus and started slashing children.

NHK said a suspect was captured and two knives were found at the spot. The report said the suspect slashed his own neck and was in serious condition, but police wouldn’t confirm those details.

An official with the Kawasaki fire department said one person was believed killed. 

NHK interviewed a witness who said he saw the suspect trying to force his way onto a bus.

Television footage showed emergency workers giving first aid to people inside an orange tent set up on the street, and police and other officials carrying the wounded to ambulances.