The Economist launches news podcast

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Economist is launching "The Intelligence,'' a new 15 to 20 minute daily current-affairs podcast providing a rare perspective on events shaping the world.

The show, hosted by Jason Palmer and supported by a team of eight editors and producers, will publish each weekday morning at 6:00am from today..

Drawing on the expertise of The Economist’s global network of correspondents, each episode of "The Intelligence” will dig past the headlines to get to the stories beneath — and to the global stories that aren’t making headlines, but should be. The podcast will consist of three parts — analysis of a prominent news story of the day, a lively feature and a lighter item to close.

"‘The Intelligence’ will keep listeners up to speed with global affairs,” said Tom Standage, head of digital strategy and deputy editor at The Economist. "We’ve been involved in audio publishing for a long time, starting with our first podcasts in 2006 and our weekly audio edition in 2007. A daily podcast is the next logical step. We think it’s the ideal way to introduce listeners to the breadth and depth of our journalism, every weekday.”

The new show will sit alongside The Economist’s three main weekly podcasts, "Money talks”, "Babbage” and "The Economist asks”. All these podcasts are available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and all other major podcast-distribution platforms. More information on "The Intelligence” and other Economist Radio podcasts can be found at

Anne McElvoy, head of Economist Radio, said: "‘The Intelligence’ aims to give listeners a clear-eyed look at what is happening in the world — and help them understand what lies ahead. ‘The Intelligence’ will build on our strong record in innovating in audio, and deepen our relationship with our audience.”

The Economist has been podcasting since 2006. It has won numerous awards including four Lovies and two British Podcast Awards, and has received accolades for a podcast collaboration with Slate in the US, entitled "The Secret History of the Future”. With an average of 7 million downloads and streams per month in 2018, Economist Radio is expanding its output as the appetite for podcasts grows worldwide, particularly in America. More than 124 million people in the US have listened to a podcast, and each week an estimated audience of 73 million in the US listen to podcasts.

"The Intelligence” will be available to subscribers and newcomers alike, complementing The Economist’s existing output while also providing an accessible and enjoyable introduction to its journalism for those unfamiliar with the brand.