Thai air safety plan delayed; Thai Airways 747 skids on runway

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Officials of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand say they will have an official air safety master plan, but not before 2022.

The 2022 deadline for the air safety plan was revealed yesterday. The International Civil Aviation Organisation has been monitoring the Thai authority closely to ensure it comes up with measures to reduce risk, the Bangkok Post reports.

This news came as a Thai Airways 747 with 115 people on board, skidded off the Suvarnabhumi airport runway late on Monday.

Stuck in mud off the runway, the Boeing jumbo jet blocked and delayed at least 179 arriving and 264 departing flights until it was finally hauled back onto blocked runway 19/17 at 2.30pm yesterday, and the area was cleared for normal airport traffic.

An official report by the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd on the incident said five other flights had to be re-routed away from Bangkok because of the heavy traffic.