Australians list Banjul as England's capital in Commonwealth Games blunder

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Australian organizers of the Commonwealth Games have listed England as a part of Africa in the official program, Sky News reports.

In a pre-games gaffe, Australia has inadvertently listed England as part of Africa and with a population of little more than two million.

According to officials, the error occurred when The Gambia was reinstated to the Commonwealth - and subsequently this year's Games - in February this year.

The official guide also incorrectly lists England's capital as Banjul - the capital of The Gambia.

But, the program does correctly state England's "Magical Moment" as Roger Bannister beating Australian John Landy in Vancouver in 1954, the first time two athletes had run a mile in under four minutes in the same race, Sky News reports.

Beginning today, this year's games are being hosted by Australia's Gold Coast.

Commenting on the programme blunder, Mark Peters, chief executive of the Gold Coast games, said: "There was an overprint. We found out about it maybe 10 days ago.

"We went and spoke to England and said, 'Congratulations, the Commonwealth's changing and it has since Brexit, and you are now a part of Africa.'

"Sometimes you make mistakes and we copped it."