South Korean President Moon Jae In accepts 'reprimand,' from voters

World | 8 Apr 2021 11:10 am

After his Democratic Party suffered an election rout, South Korean President Moon Jae In said Thursday that he takes it as a "reprimand" from the public, Yonhap reports.

He said he will carry out his duties with a "humble demeanor and heavy sense of responsibility," according to presidential spokesman Kang Min Seok.

Moon was quoted as adding that he will concentrate efforts on meeting the people's "desperate demands," including overcoming the coronavirs disease crisis, revitalizing the economy, stabilizing the people's livelihoods and the real estate market, and rooting out corruption.

The liberal DP was overwhelmingly defeated by the conservative main opposition People Power Party in the Seoul and Busan mayoral by-elections the previous day.

The defeats have added to speculation on whether Moon will shift his policy direction to win back voters with the presidential election less than a year away.

Many say it would be hard for the president to press ahead with some of controversial reform measures that go against public sentiment.

He is expected to shake up the Cabinet, and probably his presidential team as well, in a bid to gain fresh momentum.

Just a year earlier, the DP scored a sweeping victory in the general parliamentary elections.

Emboldened by what he called a "great choice of the people" at that time, he said, "I feel a sense of heavy responsibility with the whole body before delight."



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