House rules panel chair calls out some Republicans for hypocritical pleas of unity

World | 14 Jan 2021 12:01 am

Representtive Jim McGovern, chair of the House Rules Committee, closed his remarks today by saying “we will never have unity without truth and also without accountability.” 

He chided some Republican members for what he said were hypocritical pleas of unity, CNN reports.

“Some of my Republican friends have been trying to lecture us about unity here today — unity after they voted to overturn a free and fair election in the United States of America, but also preaching unity and not acknowledging that for four years many of them gave oxygen to Donald Trump's conspiracy theories,” McGovern said. 

He said Republicans who vote for impeachment are showing courage.

“This week in Congress we saw the best of us and the worst of us. Some of my colleagues have shown that they will defend this President no matter what he does. … But some are standing up and doing the right thing under tremendous pressure. I'm proud of that. I honor them for their courage,” he said. 

He encouraged all House members to vote for impeachment. 

“This impeachment resolution outlines the truth of what Trump did. It is time that this Congress now holds him accountable for his words and for their devastating impact,” McGovern said. 



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