US House moving to impeach Trump for a second time

World | 13 Jan 2021 11:35 pm

The US House has begun debating the rule to set up the debate on the impeachment article later today, which will precede the vote on the article.

Speaking on the House floor, Jim McGovern, the Democratic chairman of the rules committee, noted that today’s vote is taking place at “an actual crime scene” after a violent mob stormed the Capitol.

McGovern recounted how Donald Trump incited the crowd to attack the Capitol, by encouraging a group of his supporters at a rally to march down Pennsylvania Avenue as Congress certified Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

“I saw evil,” McGovern said of the rioters.

Speaking against impeaching President Trump, Republican representative Jason Smith called the impeachment proceedings “reckless” and urged lawmakers to put “people before politics.”

“President Trump will be leaving in seven days. Let's try to heal this nation. Let's listen to the American people. This is the people's House. Let's operate for the people. This country is hurting. The people are hurting. Our colleagues are hurting. This is a reckless impeachment. This will only bring up the hate and fire more than ever before. Have a conscience. Put the people before politics. Unify this country,” he said.

The Missouri representative called the week since the storming of the US Capitol “devastating” and stressed the importance of getting the facts on what went wrong

Responding to Smith’s speech, Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern said the riots at the US Capitol would not have happened “if it weren’t for the occupant in the White House.”

Democratic representative Ihan Omar urged other Republicans to vote to impeach President Trump, saying the riot at the Capitol were "specifically incited by the President of the United States."

"For us to be able to survive as a functioning democracy, there has to be accountability," Omar said. "I stand ready to fulfill my oath of office, and I challenge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to do the same," she added.

She called the riots a "violent attempt to interrupt our democratic process."

"It was a targeted blow at the most essential process that makes us a democracy," Omar said. "The president, not only incited an insurrection against our government, but has in word and deed led a rebellion. We cannot simply move past this or turn the page," she added.

Earlier, the House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer was asked by a reporter this morning if the House will send the article over immediately to the Senate and Hoyer said "yes." He didn’t give any specifics on timing.

Hoyer told reporters late last night that the article won’t be held back by the House and the “presumption is within a very short time” it will be transmitted to the Senate.-The Guardian/CNN








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