UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock pleased with vaccine results

World | 23 Nov 2020 9:20 pm

Responding to the news the AstraZenenca-Oxford vaccine is on average 70 percent effective in preventing the novel coronavirus disease, according to tests on thousands of volunteers, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock was pleased.

"This is really encouraging news of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine that obviously we've been backing since the start.

"I'm really very pleased, I really welcome these figures."

Hancock added that he was expecting the information to be sent to the regulator to make sure it is safe.

He added: "We've got 100 million doses on order and should all that go well, the bulk of the rollout will be in the new year.

"So having two vaccines that appear to have effectiveness, done right, in the 90 percent range is really really good news. Fantastic news."

According to Professor Sarah Gilbert from Oxford, there was a reduction in transmission following administration of the inoculation.

She said: "We are seeing reduction in asymptomatic infections.

"It looks like the vaccine is protecting against severe disease and mild disease - that it is going to make a big difference to transmission. It is good news all round."-Graphic: Sky News

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