Funeral worker sentenced to 28 months in jail for rioting

Local | 22 Nov 2021 5:23 pm

A funeral worker who tossed water bottles at police officers at the New Town Plaza in Sha Tin in 2019 was convicted for rioting and sentenced to 28 months behind bars.

District Judge Ernest Lin Kam-hung said Lai Chun-lok, 29, was “arrogant, selfish and irresponsible” and that he intended to injure police officers or to damage the properties at the shopping mall, which could eventually lead to disruption of social stability.

He said on July 14, 2019, Lai was among protesters gathering at the Sha Tin shopping mall, where protesters gathered.

“People handed out supplies, and before Lai threw the water bottles many people had thrown umbrellas and items at the police," Lin said.

He said the anti-fugitive unrest in 2019 had stemmed from dissatisfaction towards the government, but people should not vent their anger at law enforcement officers who were doing their jobs to maintaining social order.

He said the unrest was an "unequal civil war" within Hong Kong as the level of violence gradually escalated.

"Irresponsible academics, politicians and businessmen backed by foreign forces added fuel to the fire, which worsened the conflicts," Lin said.

Lai was found guilty of one count of rioting at District Court on Monday morning.

In mitigation, his lawyer said although Lai stopped pursuing his studies after Secondary Three, he has been working at the funeral industry for over 10 years and has gained commendation from his employer and colleagues.

The lawyer said the event was not planned, as Lai was not wearing a mask nor did he use any face coverings.

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