Alleged rapist didn't approach victim for insurance: prosecution

Local | 28 Oct 2021 7:04 pm

A 37-year-old man who allegedly drugged and raped a 29-year-old insurance saleswoman didn't approach her because of the insurance products, the prosecution told the High Court on Thursday.

Lam Kim-fung has pleaded not guilty to raping the saleswoman, identified as X in court, at his home at Tonning Mansion, Cheung Sha Wan on August 29, 2018.

Yesterday Lam told the court that X once asked whether he was interested in compensated date with her at the price of HK$3,500 back in 2015 when they first met on WeChat.

Questioned by the prosecution in court, Lam said he didn't mention the topic of compensated dating when he approached X again in 2018 for details of the insurance products she was selling, as he believed X might not wish to speak of her past again.

Yet the prosecution challenged that if Lam truly wished to buy insurance products for his parents he would not have approached a woman who once offered compensated dating deal. The lawyer also accused Lam of creating the story of X asking for a compensated date, so that people would believe X was a woman who would provide sex services for money.

Lam disagreed with the accusation, saying that everyone has a past and he would not think about a person's future with a stereotype formed by that person's past.

Lam continued that when X told him she had ways to seal insurance deals after having sex with customers, he thought X was implying that she was willing to have sex with him for him to buy insurance from her.

He believed they both “made the deal” with mutual understanding, and denied the accusation that he had sex with X without taking her consent into account. He stressed that he never put any sleeping pills in her drinks as well.

The prosecution then referred to the sex tape Lam secretly filmed and said X was obviously not in a conscious state as she failed to speak clearly. It also challenged why Lam had set his phone camera in front of X and recorded the sex.

The lawyer also said that if Lam wished to prove X was conscious during intercourse he should have kept all parts of the video without making any cuts. The lawyer added Lam only wanted to cut out the parts that would be used against him in court.

Lam reiterated that X didn't lose her consciousness that day and she spoke to him logically. He also pointed out that X hugged him during intercourse and he only recorded the sex to protect himself from being threatened by X's alleged "ways" to make people buy insurance products.

The trial will continue tomorrow and the defense and prosecution will make their closing statements.

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