"Ignorant” woman mistook squid cartilage for straws

Local | 28 Oct 2021 6:27 pm

A woman complained online that the dried squids she bought from a wet market had “straws” embedded to charge higher for the extra weight, but the post only attracted laughs from netizens as she was referring to the cartilage of the squid.

The pictures posted to Facebook group @Hongkong1fish showed a long piece of flat "plastic straw" in a dried squid.

The woman wrote: “These unscrupulous businessmen added a straw to each squid to make them weigh more," she said.

The post immediately went viral and drew attention from netizens, attracting more than 100 sarcastic comments in just 10 minutes.

Some netizens teased that "people used too many straws so that even the squid has swallowed them.”

Another wrote: "The truth is that the ocean is seriously polluted and the squid swallowed the straws by mistake, so we should pay attention to the environmental issues and reduce the use of straws."

Some also said that they cannot tell whether the woman was really ignorant or making the post as a joke.

"It doesn't look like she said it for fun since she took the pictures and acted all serious," one said. "Maybe she really doesn't know because she made such a serious accusation that she was being cheated," another added.

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