(Video) Young kid left behind by dad pushing a stroller when crossing road

Local | 28 Oct 2021 5:47 pm

Don't hit him! A young kid was spotted being left behind alone when rushing across a road, as his dad busily pushed a stroller and forgot to check on his son.

A driver uploaded the video that captured the scary moment on Facebook on Tuesday. The incident took place at a traffic light in Mong Kok. A father was trying to rush a green light to reach the pedestrian island in time and kept pushing a stroller.

Yet it seemed he forgot there was another kid behind him, as a young boy was also spotted rushing from the bus stop on the other side and trying to reach the pedestrian island as well. The footage showed that there were at least five to six meters between the kid and his father.

The father only turned around and checked if his other kid was fine as he reached the pedestrian island, while the kid was still running towards the father.

Luckily the traffic light hadn't changed yet and the kid successfully rejoined his father at the pedestrian island after lagging behind for a few seconds.

The post soon drew fire from netizens saying that the father completely ignored the safety of his child. A netizen warned that the father would probably be in big trouble if the traffic light suddenly switched at that time.

Some called on the driver to file a report to police so that officers could arrest the father for negligence to his boy. Others said this incident should serve as a reminder that parents must always hold their children's hands when crossing the road.

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