Security chief asks Taiwan to show mercy to victim's mum

Local | 20 Oct 2021 10:32 am

Security chief Chris Tang Ping-keung called upon Taiwanese authorities to show mercy to the mother of murder victim Amber Poon Hiu-wing, after the later challenged killer Tony Chan Tong-kai and Tang to a "face-to-face confrontation" at Tamar this morning.

Tang did not attend the meeting, but criticized Taiwanese authorities again for not letting Chan surrender.

In an interview with media HK01, Tang asked Taiwan to respond to the mother's demands. 

“I have a daughter too. I know how it feels,” he said.

Tang said Chan is willing to give himself up to Taiwan, but it was the Taiwanese authorities that banned him from going to the island.

He said the mother could contact police for help if she felt unsafe.

The mother had said she was worried that she would be killed by Chan, who has been released from prison and left the police's safety house.

Tang said Chan has finished serving sentence for money laundering in Hong Kong and is a “free man.” He has the right to decide on what step to take next.

The secretary for security will appear in Legislative Council at 11am for its weekly meeting.

On Monday, Poon's mother asked Chan, Tang, Peter Koon Ho-ming and lawmakers for a "face-to-face confrontation" at Tamar on Wednesday.

"I sincerely invite all media friends in Hong Kong, Chris Tang Ping-keung, Peter Koon Ho-ming, Starry Lee Wai-king, Holden Chow Ho-ding, 'murderer' Chan Tong-kai and his parents to the Central Government Offices entrance to talk it out," she said.

All of those named by her have declined the invitation.

Chan was released in October 2019 after being jailed for money laundering when he used the properties of his girlfriend Poon, whom he killed during a Valentine's Day trip to Taiwan in 2018.

Although Chan promised to give himself up to Taiwanese authorities, he was never sent to Taipei to face charges due to the lack of an extradition agreement between Hong Kong and the island.

Chan lived in a safe house provided by Hong Kong police until June, and has since lived in a remote part of the city.

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