Ten secondary schools resume full-day in-person classes for all students

Local | 18 Oct 2021 8:34 pm

Ten secondary schools have resumed full-day in-person classes for all students, the Education Bureau said on Monday.

As of October 7, a total of 191 secondary schools have applied to resume whole-day face-to-face classes.

This included 159 schools which applied for such arrangements for part of their student body, and another 32 schools which sought permission for all of their students.

So far, 89 schools started offering full-day in-person classes to some of their students. Another 10 schools are already doing so for all of their students.

As long as schools manage to achieve a 70 percent vaccination rate for their staff and students, they can apply to resume full-day classes.

Staff are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after they finish two jabs, while for students it is after they receive one jab.

As of Sunday, 4.56 million Hongkongers have gotten at least one Covid-19 jab – 67.7 percent of the population.
Among those aged between 12 and 19, 70 percent, or 314,000, got one jab.

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