Anti triad operation sees 145 persons arrested

Local | 21 Sep 2021 5:52 pm

A joint anti triad operation by police and firemen saw 145 persons arrested and properties worth over HK$680,000 seized between August and September.

Cops and firemen raided eight illegal premises located in Yuen Long, Tai Po and Border District, aiming to block the income sources of the triad. The illegal premises included an unlicensed bar, four gambling establishments and three illegal gas stations, which were allegedly controlled by triad Wo Shing Wo.

A total of 84 men and 61 women, aged 16 to 76 were arrested during the period. Three of them held two-way permit, a document allowing Mainland citizens to travel from and to Hong Kong and Macau, while 14 of the arrestees were triad members.

Cops first raided an unlicensed bar at Tin Sam Village in Tai Wai on August 8, and arrested 47 men and 36 women aged 16 to 68 for selling alcohol without a license and visiting the unlicensed bar. That bar occupied over 800 square feet and can serve around 100 people at the same time.

On August 19 to 20, cops also raided four gambling establishments in Sheung Shui and Tai Po and arrested 56 persons aged 18 to 76. They confiscated cash and equipment worth around HK$180,000.

Firemen and cops also busted three illegal gas stations near Man Kam To Road in Sheung Shui over the month. They seized 30,000 liters of diesel and equipment worth over HK$300,000. Six persons were arrested.

Cops warned the public not to visit any premises without a valid license and reminded drivers not to purchase fuel from illegal gas stations.

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