Teacher gets complaint for attacking badminton player Angus Ng

Local | 26 Jul 2021 7:59 pm

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said he will handle complaints in accordance to procedures regarding a teacher who slammed badminton athlete Angus Ng Ka-long for his outfit.  
A complaint went to the bureau saying Nicholas Muk Ka-chun, a teacher at Pui Kiu Middle School and a member of Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, violated professional conduct as a teacher.
Muk criticized Ng for wearing a black jersey without the SAR emblem during a match at Tokyo Olympics and tried to relate him to black-clad protesters during the unrest. 
Yeung said he would not publicly discuss individual complaints, but would handle complaints in accordance with established procedures. 
Asked if the teacher “incited hatred” and whether Muk should apologize, Yeung said Hongkongers should fully support Hong Kong athletes and respond to the incident calmly.
Former Hong Kong racing cyclist Wu Lok-chun was among those who complained against Muk. 
He urged Muk to officially apologize as his comment is a serious attack to athletes, and said it violated the professional conduct of a teacher. 
“It is not easy to join the Olympics as it is the top stage in the world. I am sure Ng has made so much effort which ordinary people cannot understand,” said Wu.
Wu strongly criticized those who commented on Ng’s black jersey, “It is like a severely injured soldier being attacked by his comrades when he is fighting for his country,” he said.
Wu has already filed a complaint to the Education Bureau calling for an investigation on Muk’s comment.

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