Home sweet home for baby as liver failure saga passes

Local | 23 Jul 2021 4:13 pm

Hayson Au Pak-hei, a one-year-old baby who suffered from acute liver failure, can finally go home as his condition is now much better.

His mother announced the good news on social media last night, saying Au returned home sound and safe.

Still Au has to revisit the hospital every week to have his condition monitored by the doctor.

His mother expressed her deepest gratitude to the public for their care and the help they offered.

Au suffered from acute liver failure and was once in critical condition earlier this month.

He was in desperate need of a liver transplant and was in the intensive care unit of Queen Mary Hospital.

Two potential donors volunteered to donate their livers, yet the size of their livers was too big for Au's body.

However his condition miraculously improved in mid July. He no longer required a liver transplant and was transferred to the pediatric ward.

And now he finally gets to go home.

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