Heat befalls over 40 percent of subdivided units households

Hong Kong | 22 Jul 2021 4:01 pm

A survey found out that over 40 percent of households see the temperature of their subdivided units reaches 30 degree Celsius or above.

A tenant even said he has to stay at shopping malls with air conditioners in the afternoon and evening.

Concerning Grassroots' Housing Rights Alliance interviewed 156 households from July 3 to 15. Results showed that although 80 percent of units come with windows, among them around 40 percent of units have only one window.

The Alliance also measured the temperature of 103 units. The temperature reached 30 degree Celsius or above for 47.6 percent of the households.

Data suggested that the amount spent on water and electricity bills rose under hot weather for 90 percent of households. Over half of them said the fees charged on the bills increased by more than HK$400.

Over 90 percent of respondents said the government should speed up the process of building public rental housing units, and over 70 percent said there should be subsidies for energy consumption.

One of the tenants, surnamed Wong, is now living at a 50 square feet unit in Prince Edward. He said the heat was trapped within the unit and he could not open the window. He has to turn on the air conditioner and several fans at a time.

The condition of his skin worsens due to the environment and he always stays at shopping malls with air conditioner in the afternoon and the evening to escape from the heat in his home, Wong added.

The Alliance hoped the government would set up a basic housing standards, which will regulate the minimum housing area per person, and individual toilets and windows to included in these subdivided units, in order to ensure the living environment of tenants.

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