Two youngsters in custody score 19 and 16 in DSE exams

Hong Kong | 21 Jul 2021 9:14 pm

Seven young persons in custody enrolled in the HKDSE exam this year, in which two of them scored 19 and 16 marks respectively.

The seven persons are from Pik Uk Correctional Institution and Lai King Correctional Institution. They took a total of 37 papers. They obtained level 2 or above in 28 papers, or 75.7 percent of all papers taken.

The exams sat included the four core subjects of Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies as well as the two electives of Economics and Tourism and Hospitality Studies.

A candidate scored 16 marks, which met the general entrance requirements for local universities.

Another 19-year-old candidate at Pik Uk Correctional Institution scored 19 marks overall in the six papers taken.

Although he only obtained level 2 in English Language, which cannot meet the general entrance requirement for local universities, he has not given up and is planning to take the English Language and Mathematics Extended Part exams next year to increase his chances to study overseas after release.

The 19-year-old was sentenced to jail after committing a crime. He felt at a loss and had the idea of giving up his studies at first. However, with support from teachers and family, he decided to study the New Senior Secondary curriculum

Another 17-year-old candidate, who had dropped out of school in Form 2, sat the exams as well. 

He hoped to enhance his knowledge and equip himself by studying the New Senior Secondary curriculum, after seeing that his parents traveled a long way to visit him every week and did not give up on him.

Although his exam results were not satisfactory, he knows that what he has learned and his efforts during his training have not been in vain. He is keen on cooking and hopes to pursue a career in the hotel and catering industry after graduation, striving hard at work to show gratitude to his parents.

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