Marine police arrest 12 illegal immigrants in Tuen Mun

Hong Kong | 17 Jul 2021 7:16 pm

Police's marine region arrested 12 illegal immigrants at the water near Lung Kwu Chau in Tuen Mun this morning.

Officers initiated an operation that combats illegal immigration around 11am in the area. They spotted and intercepted a high-powered speedboat, and found two male illegal immigrants on it.

They then found another speedboat at the water nearby. They intercepted the speedboat as well, and found eight male illegal immigrants on board. The eight were also arrested.

As the officers and the ten arrested were returning to the marine police base in Tai Lam, they witnessed that another speedboat with six outboard engines collided into a fishing vessel. The front end of the speedboat was stuck on top of the fishing vessel.

Marine police then reached the two ships and offered help. However on the speedboat they found two more male illegal immigrants. The two were arrested and admitted to Tuen Mun Hospital.

The speedboat and the fishing vessel sank to the bottom of the sea after the incident.

The 12 arrested men were arrested for unlawfully landing in Hong Kong. Two of them were also arrested for aiding and abetting others to unlawfully land in Hong Kong, and endangering others' safety in the sea.

The case is now handled by the regional crime units of the marine police.

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