Mutated virus detected in sewage sample of Yat Nga Court

Hong Kong | 24 Jun 2021 7:46 pm

Environmental Protection Department found sewage sample collected at Yat Nga Court in Tai Po tested positive for the L452R variant.

Samuel Chui Ho-kwong, deputy director of environmental protection said the contamination is most likely from the patient who lives at Wan Hang House of Wan Tau Tong Estate. 

Earlier a 27-year-old male airport staff member who lives at Wan Hang House caught the mutated virus. 

The department collected sample from buildings nearby and conducted tests. So far sample collected at Yat Nga Court and Wan Hang House tested positive only. 

No other sample tests positive to the L452R variant, Chui said as he told residents to rest easy.

Though there will still be examinations in the upcoming days to ensure that other samples do not carry the mutant variant.

Chui explained that although the sewage sample that tested positive was found near Yat Nga Court, it doesn't mean that it was discharged from there. He added that the sewage collection tank near the housing block collects sewage in the area, including that from Wan Hang House.

The department tested the sample found at Yat Nga Court to be preliminary positive in the early hours on Tuesday. Officers had to conduct more tests to see whether the polluted sample originates from people who just recover or leave hospital.

Further examinations until late last night finally found out that the virus originated from Wan Hang House.

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