Ocean Park's Water World sees HK's first ever indoor wave pool

Hong Kong | 24 Jun 2021 6:45 pm

Artificial wave as high as up to one meter can soon be spotted at Hong Kong's first indoor wave pool in the Water World of Ocean Park.

Horizon Cove, an indoor wave pool sponsored by Manulife will give calm and lapping waves, as well as powerful double diamond waves, Water World unveiled today.

There will be five zones in Water World -- Splendid Reef, Torrential River, Thrill Valley, Adventure Coast and Hidden Village.

Within these five zones, there will be 27 outdoor and indoor attractions, offering nine dynamic water slides and several watering playing areas, apart from the surf rider.

As Water World will soon open, the setup of its hardware facilities almost finishes, according to Paulo Pong, deputy chairman of the park.

He added the park is still waiting for the government to grant some of its applications for licensing. The price of the tickets are yet to be confirmed.

“Water World is set to bring out the adventurous spirit in all of us. With an architectural design that embraces the natural terrain, it gives adventurers the opportunity to take in the beauty that surrounds our Southern District”, Pong said.

Manulife, first major sponsor, said they are confident that Water World will be another iconic destinations for local and visitors.

“We firmly believe this strategic investment will provide a significant boost to Hong Kong’s tourism industry”, the group said, as it expressed its faith in Water World.

The park aimed to open Water World as soon as summer.

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