Liu Guangyuan defends China's right to enact anti-sanction law

Hong Kong | 16 Jun 2021 6:41 pm

It is necessary for China to enact the anti-sanctions law in order to fight back countries that attempted to intervene China's affairs, according to Liu Guangyuan, the commissioner of the ministry of foreign affairs in Hong Kong. 

The anti-sanction law was passed in Beijing last Thursday (June 10). It empowers China to enacts counter measures on countries that suppress or adopt discriminative restrictions against Chinese citizens or intervene China's internal affairs. 

Liu explained that there are anti-China forces that make false accusation against the country and attempt to intervene its internal affairs. 

He added China has every right to enact counter measures, as he was speaking at the International Symposium on the Communist Party of China's History of 100 Years. 

Liu pointed out that the development of China under the leadership of the Communist Party is unstoppable. 

Any attempt to intervene China's internal affairs or to curb its development is destined to fail, he also said. 

Liu mentioned Hong Kong as well, that order has been restored in the city after imposing the national security law and executing electoral changes. 

As the One Country Two Systems principal has enter into a new phase, his office will be able to fight back foreign forces that wish to interfere in the city, Liu said.

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