Forty percent of teachers wish to leave, said Union

Local | 9 May 2021 5:39 pm

The latest survey by Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union showed that 40 percent of teachers wish to leave the education sector, with half of them already have plans in place to do so.

The union conducted the survey between April 29 and May 5, and collected a total of 1,178 replies from teachers and principals. 

The result showed that 40 percent of teachers wish to leave the education sector, in which half are either going to resign or going into early retirement. The other half responded that they do not have any actual plans yet. 

About 11.3 percent of all respondents said they would have left by the end of this school year.

Around 70 percent of 474 interviewed teachers said that “growing political pressure” is the main cause for their leave. Also 55.3 percent and 38.6 percent of teachers said they are not satisfied with Hong Kong society’s status and the city’s education policies respectively. 

Among 704 teachers who said they may or will stay in the education sector, 58 percent of them said they stay to accompany their family in the city, while 53.3 percent of them said they could not leave because of their financial situation. 

The study also revealed that about 80 percent of teachers are not satisfied with the society and its political environment, as well as the city’s education systems and policies. 

The union said results showed that the Education Bureau imposes political pressure on schools and teachers, and urged the bureau to stop all political intervention. 

Fung Wai-wah, president of the union, pointed out that some lawmakers from the pro-establishment camp keep attacking the Liberal Studies subject and put political pressure on the sector. 

He worried that the quality of teaching may be affected if more and more experienced teachers are leaving.

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