Relaxed quarantine rules see Caribbean Coast residents released from quarantine early

Local | 8 May 2021 6:05 pm

Residents from Block 11 of Caribbean Coast in Tung Chung will have their quarantine cut short and freed from quarantine centers, after the government revised its way of handling Covid infections involving mutant strains.

Officials said on Friday they will no longer isolate whole blocks of residents where mutant strains of coronavirus are found.

Those already sent into quarantine for 21 days because mutant strains were found in their buildings can go home if they test negative for the virus. However, they will have to take repeated Covid tests after they get home.

According to reports, the confinees have been brought back to their residential block by designated shuttles this afternoon.

Meanwhile, residents of Parkes Building in Jordan will also be released from the quarantine centers after finishing their 21-day quarantine today.

Some of the confinees said they were under immense stress being in the quarantine centers, with some complaining about their experience as “going to jail.”

“The three-week quarantine has left me with zero income. What’s worse is that the food provided are quite lousy, along with the bad environmental hygiene of the center,” one of the residents said.

Another resident also told reporters that it seems unfair to them that the government has decided to change its policy only after they have finished their 21-day quarantine.

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