[Video] Grandpa attacks helper after her dog causes his kid to fall

Local | 21 Apr 2021 5:16 pm

An old man furiously attacked a domestic helper after her dog ran around and caused his grandson to fall in Ho Man Tin. 

A video was uploaded on the Internet, spotting an old man shouting at the helper, pushing and even kicking her. 

According to the video, the elder kicked the helper, who was holding her dog. The helper then immediately challenged him “You hit me!”. The man pushed her away and dared her to call the police. 

The old man kept swearing at the helper and blamed her for not holding the dog on a leash and let it run around. The helper defended the dog, saying that the kid was running around and fell by himself. Yet the elder insisted that her dog was chasing his grandson and caused his kid to fall. 

The grandpa confronted the helper that if the area allows any pets, and was challenged by the helper asking whose rule it is to ban pets in the area. The helper then shouted emotionally “Let’s put up a fight!” and the grandpa immediately kicked her again. 

The helper then pointed to the camera, warning the elder that all his actions had been recorded. 

“Now I have to bring my grandson to see the doctor,” the grandpa said. The helper immediately replied that his grandkid is going to be fine. 

“He is fine? Why don’t you come and check on him?” the old man then said. 

The video lasted for around a minute and was believed to be filmed at the public housing estates in Ho Man Tin. According to the law, all dogs must be kept on a leash or under proper control in public places.

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