[Video] Mouse seen running around in a chain restaurant

Local | 20 Apr 2021 4:46 pm

A big mouse was seen running around in an outlet of a chain restaurant in Tin Shui Wai, according to a video posted on social media. 

The restaurant said they have strengthened the pest control measures, and reported the incident to the company. 

The mouse was spotted at the Tin Shui Wai branch of Daniel’s Restaurant, and its action was recorded by a netizen. 

According to the video, the mouse was right behind the front door of the restaurant, and it was standing up and looking upward. It then swiftly hid in the side and stopped by the winding machine. 

The camera then took a shot at the restaurant’s name, showing the brand Daniel’s Restaurant. 

The caption of the video said “Saw a huge and energetic mouse while passing through Kingswood Richly Plaza. It was probably well fed in the restaurant…” 

The video was uploaded to a restaurant recommendation group on Facebook and attracted many netizens to comment. 

Many expressed how surprised they were when they first watched the video. “I thought that was a cat…” a netizen said. Another humorously said “It is too big that I thought it was kept as a pet.” 

Some said the hygiene at that area has not been great and suggested that people should report any similar event to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department in the future. 

The branch replied that they have been hiring a pest control company to come to the branch once a week for cleaning. They said they have already strengthened their pest control measures after the event, including putting insect adhesive and sticky mouse boards around the branch. 

They have also reported the incident to their parent company Daniel’s Group Holdings Limited.


Video provided by Tsz Chun Cheung on Facebook.

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