Man receives three doses of Covid-19 vaccines

Local | 18 Apr 2021 7:47 pm

A 32-year-old man was discovered to have taken three Covid-19 jabs, including two BioNTech ones and a Sinovac one. 

The man did not report any sickness after, but authorities urged members of the public not to try mixing doses on their own as the practice is still in experimental stage.

The Department of Health received the report from a private doctor on March 28. 

The doctor administered a dose of Sinovac vaccine on the 32-year-old on that day, and discovered that he already received a dose of BioNTech vaccine at a Community Vaccination Center on March 12, through eHealth System (Subsidies) (sHS(S)). 

The man did not disclose that he received a BioNTech shot during his consultation with the doctor. The doctor then arranged further medical consultation for the man to follow up on his medical conditions, and advised the man to not get another jab in the meantime. 

However, records showed that the man didn’t follow the doctor’s suggestion as he received another dose of BioNTech vaccine at the vaccination center on April 11, which was his third dose of Covid-19 vaccination. 

He also didn’t disclose his complete vaccination history to the staffers of the vaccination center at that time, according to the DH. 

The DH issued an advisory letter to that doctor as he didn’t comply with the Doctor’s Guide and didn’t check the client’s electronic vaccination record before administering the vaccine. 

An email was also issued to all health service providers as a reminder to check for vaccination records in accordance with the Doctor’s Guide. 

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