[Photos] Son allegedly vandalizes home for his mother didn’t sell it

Local | 14 Apr 2021 7:46 pm

A son was believed to have vandalized his mother’s home for he failed to force her to sell the apartment. 

Photos were uploaded to social media, showing the scenes of the home with broken furniture and words written on the walls. 

The home was a mess, according to the photos, with glass and debris on the ground. Even the television set fell, facing the ground. 

A bed in the bedroom was also broken, as shown in the picture. 

One of the walls was written with a message, saying “Mother, I don’t think you quite understand. I am not staying outside until June. I want HK$3 million, half of the money after you sold the house. Then I will live my own life and I won’t come back.” 

The son also wrote another message on a wall, saying “What I want is respect, to be treated with freedom and respect equally.” 

Police officers were spotted in the photos as well. But the police said they could not verify the incident without a time and location.

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