Vaccine and LeaveHomeSafe for local tours to reopen

Local | 14 Apr 2021 6:59 pm

Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Edward Yau Tang-wah said the primary condition for local tours to reboot is that all staffers involved are inoculated. 

Yau was answering lawmaker Yiu Si-wing on the reopen timetable for local tours in a Legislative Council meeting. 

All staffers have to get their jabs first, including tour guides and drivers of coach buses, according to Yau. Those with proof that they are unfit for getting their shots can be exempted. 

Another condition would be for all tourists to use the LeaveHomeSafe tracing app. Yau said he understands that it seems impractical to ask all tourists to receive their vaccines, still it would be easier for tracing if the app is included in local tours. 

If both conditions are fulfilled, it is possible that local tours can reopen soon. 

Tourism sector also asked about arrangements for travelling on cruises. Yau said it is still too soon if the cruise is travelling to other places and passengers will contact people outside of Hong Kong. 

However, it is less risky if the cruise is only at the sea and will return to the city shortly after. Cruises can prepare for sail if they do well on social distancing measures and the health authorities are satisfied with the ship’s hygiene. 

Still Yau encouraged passengers on cruises to receive their vaccines first, due to the large number of people on the ship. 

Yau added that the current Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong allows the government to open the border between the city and Mainland step by step, given the city only found few untraceable cases these days. 

Yau pointed out that it can be understood that Mainland is being cautious on reopening the border, as China has done well fighting the disease, surpassing any other countries. Yet there lies a long path before quarantine-free travel to China. 

Yau also believed that Travel Bubble will be gradually resumed, as the government is making progress with Singapore. 

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