(Video) Cop opens fire to stop car, driver in critical condition

Local | 8 Apr 2021 12:05 pm

Police shot a 45-year-old "reckless" driver in his right shoulder to end a dramatic eight-kilometer chase through Sha Tin streets with his girlfriend and their two-year-old daughter in the vehicle.

The driver rammed eight vehicles before two police officers chasing him decided to shoot.

Construction worker Hung with alleged triad background, was arrested for dangerous driving, furious driving, driving without a license, driving without third party insurance and failing to display a valid license as well as possession of "instrument fit for unlawful purpose". 

His partner, Wong, 37, a waitress, who was sitting with the couple’s daughter in the car at the time, was also arrested for possession of the unlawful instrument which include pliers, spades and gloves.

The wounded Hung, along with Wong and their daughter who reported feeling unwell, were sent to Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin for treatment. 

New Territories South Regional Headquarters chief inspector Ng Tak-nam defended the officer opening fire at the driver, saying it was “sensible, legal and reasonable”. 

“The driver had driven recklessly for a long time, during which his car had crashed into at least six other cars, posing great risks to other road users,” he said. 

The three were in stable conditions as of tonight, with Hung and Wong in a custodial ward.

At 9.53am yesterday, officers of Traffic New Territories South were patrolling Tolo Highway near Ma Liu Shui when an automatic number plate recognition system on the highway identified a silver car with a license plate that has expired since 2015, Ng said.

A constable and a sergeant chased after the car in a police vehicle, ordering the car to stop over a loudspeaker but to no avail. 

The car shortly accelerated onto Tai Po Road near Sha Tin. 

On reaching a junction on the road, the car swerved from the fast to the slow lane before racing along Siu Lek Yuen Road, running through at least three red lights.

The car stopped for a traffic light on Tai Chung Kiu Road near Sha Kok Estate.

The officers got out of their vehicle and tried to open the car door, but Hung immediately locked the door.

Hung's car then rammed another in front of it before jumping another red light to start another chase.

On reaching Sha Tin Road, the car made a U-turn and sped in the opposite direction of the traffic along Ngan Shing Road, after which it stopped for another red light near Prince of Wales Hospital. 

The car cut in between two taxis stopped on the slow and fast lanes, but was blocked by a double-decker bus in the front. 

The officers held the car at gunpoint, but the driver refused to cooperate and started reversing, hitting the two taxis, the police vehicle and two private cars. 

The car skidded into the bumper of the bus, with the officers warning the driver with a gun.

Failing to stop the car, the officer shot the driver in his right shoulder.

One of the two officers smashed the window of the car’s two front doors before the driver was subdued. 

The wounded driver, his girlfriend and child were sent to Prince of Wales Hospital.

Pliers, spades and gloves alleged to be used for stealing were also found in the car's trunk. 

“A total of eight cars were damaged, with the involved car, a police vehicle, a bus, two taxis and three private cars among them,” Ng said. 

Ng said several other people were also injured in the incident, with the two officers, the drivers of the two taxis and a female passenger of another car among them, all of whom had been sent to the hospital. 

He added that the driver was not the owner of the car.

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